Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bedroom Sanctuary's Gemini Album

hey hey! you can my album at these places :-

1. Roland BBB Music Studio, Hartamas, KL.
2. Osixnine Fashion Outlet, Subang Jaya.
3. SoundBox Music Studios, Damansara Perdana.

or online at : http://osixnine.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=36&products_id=145

do let me know if you have questions! and thanks for asking!


hello there. hope all is well on your side and if you're reading this. i say thanks for doing so. this is actually my first time blogging. feel like a geek already. how do i start this. hmmm. okay.

it's officially a wednesday morning, 12.23am now and i'm sitting on my chair typing out what i've done, what i'm doing and what i'm about to do in my checkered boxers and a green shirt that says ewww stay away from that colour but i like it. with the sound of skateboarders trying to fulfill a perfect trick. at this hour? things are getting slower by the day and as a drama queen ( king ), i think 23 is just a number that says " ooi ! lu sudah tua lorr ! ".

anyways, i think i'm about done "lepas berbual" and it still feels the same. useless action. oh yeah! today was an awesome agenda. work, work, work, work, work, work, waiting, work and work. if you're wondering what i do for a living, i'm actually a sound engineer, music producer and jingle artist for ' turn it up ' on capital fm 88.9 that goes on every monday - friday, 10pm - 1am. so yeah, once i was done with work, i moved on to the awesomest game that i'm experiencing for the 'mo' ( moment ). Dirt on Xbox ! and it's in the office too ! makes waiting on work a wee bit easy. started gambling. don't worry. it was just a ringgit ... that grew to rm10. ah well. i'm only human. so yeah, once going through the ordeal of the bad habit. i moved on to the curve for some Kim Gary for dinner. makan makan makan! met up with Amir of TWKUA for the parts of 'Bright Lights'. yea yea yea! a remix is coming up, which i'm supposed to be doing right now. hehe! anyways, movie time!

Bedtime Stories. it was a good show, but i thought Adam Sandler was a 'sell-out' ... what happened to his great ideas and acting in shows such as, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and bla bla bla! ah well. some people gotta make some 'moolah' (money , if you don't know, i didn't. haha)

now? i'm typing this out. ah yes! finally i remembered what i wanted to write about. the famous term "broke" ( miskin ). since we all know about the whole hullabaloo ( kekecohan ) recession year, which i think shouldn't hit us by 2010, i think it's a load of crap. at the end of the day, if you spend more, you make more. i think? ah well! what do i know about the economy, my dad is a banker and i think since the first day i popped out of my mama, i think the first word he said to me was "Save". haha! but too bad i'm the rebel in the family, i do the opposite. "notty nyer anak kak yah ( the infamous nickname for mama ) nih!". oh yeah! recession. the entertainment line has pulled back at least half of it's budget. every single payment has gone down. i personally think they read, hear or watch too much about the recession till i think they actually take half of the budget and keep it for themselves. which i think is unfair, but then again if i were to be them, i would do so. i know what you're thinking, "ah no! i won't, i would pay entertainers what they should get." sure. haha! just kidding or in the modern language, " JK !!! hihihihuhuhuhahahahehehehohoho! ". just two simple letters enough lah! aaaah!

i have to say sorry for not turning up for the Malaysian Youth 09 gig, i was sick and i couldn't sing. i wouldn't wanna sing to you when i'm sick! i don't want you to be sick or get sick of me by listening to me squeal, groan and shout my words out. eeergh! there would've have been some people saying things like, "ish! mamat nih! rambut je lebih, nyanyi tak leh!" that's i think lah. haha!

sorry! i "tengah melalut" ( blabbering ).

how i miss high school days! if i were you, just wish that you wouldn't grow older. but then again when you're 15, you wish for otherwise. yeah you know what! i take it back. sex is fun. anyways, in high school, i got the nickname 'bobo' for doing alot of stupid things in high school. or "M.C." which chinese dudes and dudettes ( aweks ) would know about. dudettes? i need schooling. anyways, i remember there was this one week where my bunch ( the jingga family, i'll get to that later ) brought a video camera and we started recording nonsense like disturbing people when they are taking their SPM trials, kacau the cikgu and the prefect stories. haha! okay! back to 'jingga' for a bit ...

there was once where i was playing with an uncle. i can't remember his name, he was rich, problematic but funny. no! hysterical! everytime he hits a bad shot. he would swear in a manner which was alright to my dad since he was there with me teaching manners. yeah! sure! 30 10 10s
6 2 2s, if you play golf, those are terms of gambling. it's obvious when there are numbers involved, there's money involved. anyways! back to the uncle. he aims, swings and the ball hooked the ball into the pond and i shit you not, this is what he says,

"mother-jingga betui bola bodo nih! nate' baboon!" ( imagine it in kelantanese )

so that's where it came from.

so yeah! prefect videos. we 'Samadians' find the prefects were asswipes because they have the discipline teacher's cain up their asses. that's why they are just to uptight with us or maybe we were always late, or having "ponteng" as our after recess schedule. so yeah! i wish i had the video so i could post them up. there's no point of talking about it now. i wish to have a play about our school days. so yeah! there you go. those are the things that i've done and the things i thought about today / tonight.

i'm gonna write my plans out. the ones you may know about lah!

1. They Will Kill Us All's 'Bright Lights' remix.
2. remix Reshmonu's track with Joey. yes! CosmicSpaceMunkys are back!
3. sell the album
4. get more gigs for Seven, Bedroom Sanctuary & Bo. aka Mr. Fluff
5. watch some show on this computer.
6. sleep
7. get the cannot sleep moment out of the way
8. properly sleep

there you go. 13th - 14th january.

if you have school, sleep aaah! if you got work, sleep in aaah! if you're doing nothing, don't stop or stop .. whatever you think's best for you!!

chows! i wanna chat with fatul now!