Monday, August 8, 2011

I've Stopped Blogging Here!

Hey Boys & Girls

If you're wondering why this page has been extremely quiet, it's because I've stopped posting anything here ... But I am very active on Facebook now. So if you need to contact me or follow my daily nonsense and updates, here are some links and addresses

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For Shows & Bookings, please email my management at :

Sorry if you've been trying to reach me or waiting to read about anything ...

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bedroom Sanctuary (Bo Amir Iqram) - LAGU

Hope you enjoy my new song from my new album " I Can't Draw So I Sing"!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


It's already been a while since I've posted up anything ... but I should start blogging daily. Anyways, it has been 6 months since I started skating again and I'm quite happy with what I've learnt in that time. Here's a clip!

I am still sketchy on the landings, due to the stiff knees that I have on me. Annoying I know! Also, I am gonna start blogging about the things that I would want (materialistically) since now I can't really buy anything. Will it help? I am not too sure but let's see, shall weh!?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Pain Heals Slowly

Have you ever gotten the feeling where your injury is just taking way too long to heal? Is it because the fact that you can't do something that you love doing that made it seem slow. For me, I have to say it's been a depressing week for me and my tendon pull due to skateboarding. I hate the fact that i can't even jump because of it. It's a very depressing process for me especially with youtube in my face as all I can do is simply search "skateboarding" and watch the videos. Watching it only. Friends of mine would actually invite me to go to the park and I ended up having to tell them that I can't go. I actually went once and I have to say i just ride in the park and i can't do any tricks. Sigh.

So I started medications and gels for my knees, be it the western meds or the chinese ones. It's not working at all .. Everyday the thought of jumping around and completing a 50-50 on the rainbow ledge or a game of S-K-A-T-E with the peeps at the park is always in my head when i wake up and right before i sleep. Nasri (Fugz to me) once said to me "Dude, I know people who has been skating for 10 years and never had a problem at all, not like yours. I think you're getting old dude. Take suppliments". So now, this has left me with a different thought. Am I just pissed off with the fact that I can't skate or is it because "I can't skate because I'm getting older", I don't know anymore.

But the good side of this injury of mine is the fact that I finished an EP entitled "SkateBored EP" ... it's sounding better and better. Romel Johan came to the house and we finished a track called "5.05pm" and he went with a different moniker, J. Morell. Hehe! kinda cool for a name. We did a good track! check it out!

Anyways, that's for now as I will return to the blog again soon. I wanna try to jumping around in the vacinity of this condo. Skateboarding i mean. Laters !

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bye Bye 2009 Chibai!

2009 was a good one for me ... so much happened this year! Good things!

1. I was asked to produce Hunny Madu's first album and it's still going .. just one more song and then it's complete!

2. Won the title "Producer Of The Year" of Choons Awards.

3. I had so many tracks signed up to both local and international labels.

4. Performed as Bedroom Sanctuary and Mr. Fluff all over KL!

5. CosmicSpaceMunkys made a comeback at the Heineken Star Party @ Zouk KL.

6. Got a job that I enjoyed which is working on KL's #1 dance music show, TURN IT UP!

7. Performed at Rock The World 9 and had people singing along to "Malam Ini"!

8. Sold out Bedroom Sanctuary's Gemini album.

9. Found a new interest as a Host on UnseenTV KL!

10. Started skateboarding again that feels good!

11. Seven's first official single on the radio came to #1 on FLY FM's Campur Chart!

12. Bedroom Sanctuary's singles like "Once Again", "Her Spiral Necklace" & "Malam Ini" stayed on the charts for a while!

13. Interviewed Paul Van Dyke!

14. Met Jerome Sydenham in person.

15. I organized several successful parties, especially MOS with DJ Dayshavoo!

16. Produced so many tracks under the moniker Mr. Fluff and they are ready for release!

17. Wrote more songs for Seven & Bedroom Sanctuary!

18. Finally got a high tech phone (BlackBerry Curve 8520) hehe!

19. Reached up to 2000 followers on Facebook Pages! Woot woot!

20. Made new awesome friends!

21. Brian came back for good! woot woot! P.A.T.T. yo!

22. I am happy in my relationship even after all the fights & misunderstandings!

23. In realization, it's good to know that i can afford my rent & my own car with my own money! I'm all grown up!

Overall! 2009 has been the best & most successful year so far! I know it's successful when the total amount on my bank book tallied up nicely! Hehe!

I wanna wish everyone a happy new year! if 2012 is real, just party it out till then!

Cheerio & to the next few years!
Bo Amir Iqram

Monday, November 9, 2009


It's a fucking monday. Brilliant. I am at work and am busy on YouTube, trying to amuse myself and here are the things that cracked me up! The dumbest actions a kid can ever make.

call me fucked up for laughing at people in pain. you're watching it too, haha! i'm just bored on a monday.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

MOS was the SHEEEIT!

It was a Friday night and it was time for the first official gig at Ministry of Sound as Mr. Fluff.
We got there a wee bit early ... around 9.30pm and Sean was right on time. We didn't know we were supposed to start at 9.30pm. So anyways, Sean aka DJ Dayshavoo started and it was still quiet and being me, I forgot it was still damn early. Had a few drinks and chilled .. my Bebi was wearing what i call the Mario suit! It was red and only red and it was a mini jumpsuit. I admit she looked hot in it. Ma Bebeh So Sessay! Haha!

10.30pm came around and it was a little bit slow with Patrick and the other MOS crew saying that Fridays @ MOS is slow. So i "Kan Cheong" a bit. Thinking that it's just gonna be one of those loud nights with an empty dancefloor ...

11.30pm Sean dropped a major track for the dance floor, it worked very well. He played a remix of "I gotta feeling" where i was kinda ... meaaargh~ okay okay lah. But it worked well. the dance floor started filling up ...

12am .. it was my turn to spin .. started off with a Bingo Players remix of Special. Got on the mic and started hyping out the crowd as they were making some noise. When i mixed in the 2nd track which i can't remember at all what it was, I looked up and asked the lights guy, Michael Mah to turn the lights up and make it look damn happening ... there it was ... the moment of silence in my head, as if everything slowed down and just pure silence in my head ... This is a good night! The dancefloor was packed, beautiful people dancing and enjoying the night. I got wild and started playing the biggest of the biggest tracks and rocked the night away! it was like a massive rave party and i think there were more than 500 people at that party.

1am .. I can't believe the dancefloor was still packed and i was kinda tipsy and really wanted to go to the loo ... i dropped a track and rushed to the toilet and did whatever i had to lah. When i was done in the toilet i saw the wifey was not there .. i thought to myself maybe she went to the loo or went to the DEQ for a smoke. So i didn't bother lorr. The cool thing about that night was .. my friends & newly made ones were there. I was happy mang! I remembered Natalie was there, Eric & Amira, was there, the dudes from Raw was there too, Zaha was there and then suddenly, Esther came knocking on the glass and just barged into the console and making manja noises and she was fucked. She was drunk. Mixing beer & vodka. Funny thing too that she didn't remember at all that this moment happened .. I asked her to sit down on the chair but she dashed off as if I said something wrong. I was totally disappointed not because of her dashing off .. but the fact that it was a big night for me and yet she can just drink her ass off and not think or care about the night. I would love it if she remembered the whole night. But too bad.

1.45am .. Sean came into the console all drunk & excited, he stood infront of the console on the left and suddenly stopped the music accidentally. I was like "What?!?!" so i picked up the mic and covered the both of our asses and of course hyped up the crowd. It was a downer i admit, quickly fast forwarded the next track and brought it back up! Thank god for the cover. But the dancefloor was slowly clearing.

2am .. I passed the console over to Sean and we played back to back. His friends came and supported him by filling the dancefloor again. He saved it from having to have it go up again. Good Shit. So we played up to 2.45am and i took over and ended the night with Prince's Sexy Mother Fucker. I don't know why but i did it. Hehe!

Spoke to Michelle & Patrick and they said they were happy with the turn out. It was a good night thanks to all the PR on Facebook, Fly FM & Star Newspaper. I don't know how that got on but it did. hehe! Till the next round lah! I think from the first gig itself, without a proper launch, I think it's gonna be a good one .. i mean the next one which should be the launch. Am gonna talk to MOS further about it next week and Seal The Deal with a higher pay. I hope.

Everyone went back home with a smile and praising the both of me & Sean "Good Stuff". I was happy and I've not played to a filled up room as big as MOS in a while. Let's hope for more. Hope when you're reading this, you are listening to some good music on this chilled out Sunday evening! Cheerio!

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