Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Pain Heals Slowly

Have you ever gotten the feeling where your injury is just taking way too long to heal? Is it because the fact that you can't do something that you love doing that made it seem slow. For me, I have to say it's been a depressing week for me and my tendon pull due to skateboarding. I hate the fact that i can't even jump because of it. It's a very depressing process for me especially with youtube in my face as all I can do is simply search "skateboarding" and watch the videos. Watching it only. Friends of mine would actually invite me to go to the park and I ended up having to tell them that I can't go. I actually went once and I have to say i just ride in the park and i can't do any tricks. Sigh.

So I started medications and gels for my knees, be it the western meds or the chinese ones. It's not working at all .. Everyday the thought of jumping around and completing a 50-50 on the rainbow ledge or a game of S-K-A-T-E with the peeps at the park is always in my head when i wake up and right before i sleep. Nasri (Fugz to me) once said to me "Dude, I know people who has been skating for 10 years and never had a problem at all, not like yours. I think you're getting old dude. Take suppliments". So now, this has left me with a different thought. Am I just pissed off with the fact that I can't skate or is it because "I can't skate because I'm getting older", I don't know anymore.

But the good side of this injury of mine is the fact that I finished an EP entitled "SkateBored EP" ... it's sounding better and better. Romel Johan came to the house and we finished a track called "5.05pm" and he went with a different moniker, J. Morell. Hehe! kinda cool for a name. We did a good track! check it out!

Anyways, that's for now as I will return to the blog again soon. I wanna try to jumping around in the vacinity of this condo. Skateboarding i mean. Laters !