Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bye Bye 2009 Chibai!

2009 was a good one for me ... so much happened this year! Good things!

1. I was asked to produce Hunny Madu's first album and it's still going .. just one more song and then it's complete!

2. Won the title "Producer Of The Year" of Choons Awards.

3. I had so many tracks signed up to both local and international labels.

4. Performed as Bedroom Sanctuary and Mr. Fluff all over KL!

5. CosmicSpaceMunkys made a comeback at the Heineken Star Party @ Zouk KL.

6. Got a job that I enjoyed which is working on KL's #1 dance music show, TURN IT UP!

7. Performed at Rock The World 9 and had people singing along to "Malam Ini"!

8. Sold out Bedroom Sanctuary's Gemini album.

9. Found a new interest as a Host on UnseenTV KL!

10. Started skateboarding again that feels good!

11. Seven's first official single on the radio came to #1 on FLY FM's Campur Chart!

12. Bedroom Sanctuary's singles like "Once Again", "Her Spiral Necklace" & "Malam Ini" stayed on the charts for a while!

13. Interviewed Paul Van Dyke!

14. Met Jerome Sydenham in person.

15. I organized several successful parties, especially MOS with DJ Dayshavoo!

16. Produced so many tracks under the moniker Mr. Fluff and they are ready for release!

17. Wrote more songs for Seven & Bedroom Sanctuary!

18. Finally got a high tech phone (BlackBerry Curve 8520) hehe!

19. Reached up to 2000 followers on Facebook Pages! Woot woot!

20. Made new awesome friends!

21. Brian came back for good! woot woot! P.A.T.T. yo!

22. I am happy in my relationship even after all the fights & misunderstandings!

23. In realization, it's good to know that i can afford my rent & my own car with my own money! I'm all grown up!

Overall! 2009 has been the best & most successful year so far! I know it's successful when the total amount on my bank book tallied up nicely! Hehe!

I wanna wish everyone a happy new year! if 2012 is real, just party it out till then!

Cheerio & to the next few years!
Bo Amir Iqram