Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another New Start!

Let me start from Thursday.

A boring day and work was easy. So i decided to head down to Sid's for a drink with the lady. Met up with Wah Mui and Janette ( I'm not sure of the spelling ) anyways, ordered a jug finished it with some chicken wings & snacks. After 2 hours of hanging out, i recieved a call from nick saying that he's gonna be at Library. So i went there. Again, full house. Russell & his band was performing on that night and we were seated right in front of the stage and seriously, i hate it having to shout all night. So, hung out and chit chat, bumped into a few friends of mine like Evangeline, Elaine, Double D, Justin and others. Met this lady who is an undercover Protestant. Her case was interesting to talk about. But, as usual, i wouldn't want to post about it here. Everything's in my head. Haha!

Headed to see Eve for a bit and she was with her twin sis & some friends. they were really young and i felt like an old bugger. so i decided to just leave that scene for a bit and went back to the table. A conversation about Nick liking some girl. I can't remember her name though but at least now he has an aim lah. She's one of the talents for TVCs. Apparently a hottie. So spoke of that.

Anyways, suddenly i woke up on a friday night and it was bizarre because i can't recall how i got home and why are pants half way down. haha! Friday was a busy day actually because first, i had the radio show, second, i had to send in talents for a Dove TVC. I called up Stephinie, Soraya & Natalie. Had lunch with them and we spoke about stuff and Stephie felt old and she said she wasted her youth in the airlines as a stewardess. I think she's still hot and she looks young. Anyways, i asked her why is someone like her still single? she replied "you know, when you're single for a while already, you just don't think about that stuff. Plus it's damn Mah Fan to Pak To with anyone right now. I wanna concentrate on my courier". But she did mention about the right guy not being around just yet. Natalie was busy with her Big Breakfast order at 5pm. haha! Eating a breakfast meal in the evening. She said "what!? don't ah! i just woke up wei!" so okay lorr she munched her pork and whatever lah.

It was already 6pm and the girls were just about to go for the casting. Nice photos were done. Soraya came in late due to the jam on the way there. But that was not bad at all. The serious hangover that pounds my head was just massive. I couldn't talk and kept stuttering my words. fuck! anyways, after all of that, i went back to the office but it was already too late. it was 7.30pm and i totally forgot that i was supposed to meet up with Brandon for the commercial. I was asked to compose & produce the music & sound design. So we pushed it to Saturday.

I went back home to rest for a bit while waiting for the time to go and check out the Kancil Awards with dearest babi! and it's funny how when we reached the lobby of the convention center we saw a haze of cigarette smoke clouding up the room. "Welcome to advertising" Esther said. Yeah! we know that we smoke a lot! It's simply loud and filled up with drunk producers, directors & AEs. I said hello to several people and after a while i couldn't be bothered to socialize because i was still tired so i looked at shoes. After all of that, we went to WIP in BSC. a cool place, that night it was just filled with the biggest people in the Advertising Industry. The folks from my Two AM days were there too. I had to pints, ordered for bibi a Lychee Daiquiri and for Shindee an original frozen margarita. Wasn't that great of a night. The DJ was just pumping the house tracks up to 135bpm and it was too damn fast. To my ears it was just noise. Aaaargh! I wanna go home.

Saturday came and I tried making music but my brain was not creative enough. Tired form i don't know what. But i decided to chill for a bit and try later tonight, after my mum's birthday dinner. haven't bought her anything yet. Broke already! Fuck! I should stop spending so much at bars and I think it's been more than RM2000 already man! I need a quiet week. I'm playing at MOS on the 6th Nov with DJ Dayshavoo and i have to get ready for that. Downloaded new tracks and i can't wait to play them all! i have 2 hours to play and it's not confirmed that i will be playing back to back with Sean aka Dayshavoo. Patrick Oliver, who is the resident there, might not allow it. See lah! Anyways, I wanna get some shut eyes for a while.

Mood : "Sea Green, See Blue" by Jaymay

I will update the blog daily now. Even when i don't have nothing to write about. I wanna exercise too! getting fat hoh!?

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