Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pre Raya Give Away!

Hey Gang!

Yesterday was fun. Did the Raya Shoot for 8tv Quickie and seriously felt prosperous and gave away 100 copies of my album. Just for the fun of it. I really thought they were the last batch but turns out, there's one more box that's left at home. I think there are 20 plus copies left. Hehe! silly me.

The shoot was fun and the quickie team was funny as always, Zher, Prem and Henry were chirpy. I really don't know how they pulled it off. I know Zher was going for a holiday. That's why she was like that. Prem, i think he was greatful after the operation that he had to go through and Henry was Henry. Funny thing but cool about Henry's fashion sense, he wore a Blue baju melayu with his jeans but he folded it up as if he was going for a T.A.G night @ barsonic. Haha! when i say that, i heard simply the sounds of The Smiths in the background singing "Panic on the streets of London,"

Eventhough it was set out at a carnival, not many people came for the event. Infact, later that night, I was at the Illuminight show where Maliq N The Essentials, Atillia and other acts were playing to only a handful of people. The space looked ridiculously huge and there was reverb everywhere. Also at the MTV world stage, a friend said it was not that great. To his eyes there were just a few hundred that attended. Where are the proud, music loving malaysians? what happened to them? sigh, guess there are things better left unanswered.

Sunday today! Had some nice breakfast + lunch = brunch. Chicken rice never tasted so good. hahaha! When one is hungry, anything is good. Just finished watching the Hong Kong show called I Corrupt All Cops ( ICAC ). Talks of the corruption that happened in Hong Kong from the 60's - 70's. It's actually a good example of what is happening behind the curtains, if you catch my drift. I felt a little concerned after watching the show. It made me think twice about the country too. But, what can one person do? I'm no superman that can fly or throw a crook through a wall or have x-ray visions ( i think i will take advantage of that ) hahaha! Oh shut up! you will too! hahaha! Anyways, it just started raining and my "lazy boy nap time" comes as a package. Thanks for reading and following and digesting useless knowledge from me. Tell you what. If you are bored, type in "Zeitgeist" on YouTube. That's something for you. I will update this blog as frequent as possible. Thanks and Goodnight!

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RunWitMe said...

I was there at the Illuminight too. I must thank the organiser for having the balls to make sure the show went on even with handful of people at the concert!
Atilia is good. Afgan is fantastic! Yovie & Nuno...not in their elements. Didn't stay back for Maliq N The Essential but heard rave review of thier performace.

You can see how empty the concert ground was before the start of the show.