Thursday, August 27, 2009

YouTube-ing helps

Hey there! I was bored so i went on to youtube and just started searching for videos. So i found these! The first one is Sammy Davis Jr. making impressions of the famous singers back then. He nailed Dean Martin perfectly. Check it out!

And do you remember the Afro Ninja? he's the dude who back flipped but landed on his face. Well, here are his friends! Enjoy!

So, after doing all that, i was still bored and being a vain pot as i am, i typed my name out "Bo Amir Iqram" and there were alot videos. So i watched them! Hehe! Here's a nice one. Thanks Zack Yusof for the interview!

Hope you enjoyed the videos. Please do continue as i seek for more videos! Post something later!

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