Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today started off very quick. First thing in the morning was not the usual Black Coffee & Smokes. I had to rush off to the casting place in Bangsar for the girls, Kimberly, Jeannie & Amanda. Got there and it was already half way done for Kimberly and she was just jumping with joy, I mean her facial expression and then they found a tattoo on her right shoulder which was a rose & the letter K. Why!? I guess when i went through her photos it was invisible or rather too small. She was cute and had the "somewhat perfect role" for the job. Anyways, after Kimberly, it was her best friend's turn, Jeannie. She's a gazer, i swear! She stares into blank space and can just wonder off to a different world. It was like we were not there. Funny! hehehe! so she did her part and it was all good. Amanda came one hour late and it was already our lunch time so we casted her for a bit and the coordinators said that she's not fit to be in the job. I felt bad to hear that because i thought she was okay ... I mean, for someone who looks like Lucy Liu of course it would be fine.
Anyways, they did the standard casting for her and it was done.

Lunch time! Abby was awesome enough to belanja me makan ... mmm yum yum. No one has belanja me in a while. Felt like a kid. hehe! thanks Abby! I had some Char Kway Teow and Beef Noodles at the shop a few steps away. So kenyang. A few minutes later Joey called to confirm everything for today. We have an interview to shoot at Gab's place with Jerome Sydenham. The man behind Apotek & Ibadan records. Quite a big name in the DJ world. 

Am in the office right now having nothing to do because Turn It Up is not on the air for now. we're waiting for RED FM to get back to us about stuff so cross your fingers for us too! Hope it gets through.

I'm kinda worried about the MOS gig this friday. It's a huge space and if let's say there's 500 people in the club, it would still look empty! because it's fucking huge! and i mean WOW big! I've notified friends on FB, Gmail & my phone about it. I feel as though the response is not that great. I would love to put it up in magazines everywhere but the thing is, the confirmation was sort of last minute but it was nobody's fault. It's just promoting it. hehe. I wanna thank Patrick for the chance. Let's just hope it's gonna be a good one. 

If you wanna get in for free, please message me on FB and i will put your name in the list! Come and party wei! 6th Nov 2009 .. i feel like it's the V for Vendetta line.

"Remember, remember the 6th of November,
The sound of the newbie will be haunting your ear"

haha! melalut bodoh! Ooooh! UnseenTV is starting out tomorrow @ the Fashion Week with the Chong sisters. Woot Woot! I can't wait to see how they work yo! It's gonna be fun! I think i have to get home now and wait for Fugz to come around so we can shoot for the interview. I would like to shower first. Very humid day today. I will post more soon! hope to post some photos then! Laters! 

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